Friday, January 11, 2008

The Breaking Point- Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"And so my story begins," Marion said.

When I was eleven years old, my brother Chad and I were sent to an orphanage after both of our parents were killed in a car accident. We didn't have any close relatives that were willing to take us in, and our parents moved around so much that they never had a chance to make any friends, who would be willing to step in and take on that type of responsibility. So off to the orphanage we went; it was as simple as that.

My brother was five at that time, and even before the time of my parents passing, he was my sunshine. I loved my brother more than life. We only had each other. Our parents were not the loving or doting parents that some children are lucky to be blessed with. My mother was, you may as well say, a harlot and my father was a flat out drunk. So, I ended up with the responsibility of taking care of my brother all of the time anyway, since they were always partying.

I would be the one to feed him, read him stories, and tuck him in at night. In his eyes our mother was just a figure who passed through to rest everyday. I was his Sissy.

The orphanage in and of itself wasn't really that bad. We ate three square meals a day and had a warm place to sleep at night. Other than the fact I had to whoop a little ass every now and then, to show the other girls that I wasn't just a pretty face, it was ok. Most days me and Chad would keep to ourselves and I would just do my best to keep him entertained.

Then it happened. The Epps' came into the picture and little did we know that our lives would take an unexpected turn for the worse.

Michael and Janelle Epps were not able to have children of their own, so they wanted to be foster parents. They were a great looking couple. He was well over six feet tall with a muscular build and she was about five-foot-seven with shoulder length brown hair.

When they walked in, the head mistress gave them a tour of the facility and all while they were walking through, Mr. Epps had his eye on me the whole time. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me and I tried not to pay him any attention but I was very uncomfortable all of a sudden, so I took Chad to our room to play a board game.

A week or so went by and the head mistress called me into her office and told me to have a seat. I sat down apprehensively, as she closed the door and I tried to figure out what she could possibly want with me. I tried very hard to be invisible because I figured if nobody noticed me, then they would just leave me and my brother alone.

"Marion, I have some very good news for you," she began and paused long enough for me to start squirming uncomfortably in my seat. "There is a nice couple that wants to take you in."

"Why...I mean, that's ok. I'm fine right here," I said nervously.

"Why, Marion, don't you want to have parents and a nice home to live in? I thought this would make you happy. Do you know how many kids in this place would love to have this opportunity?" she asked.

"No," I said, "and what about Chad? I ain't going nowhere without my brother."

"That goes without saying, Marion. They want to take you and your brother, and I apologize for not being clear about that," she said gently.

"I don't want to upset you, I thought you would be happy. Could we at least set up a meeting, and then you can make your decision from there. Ok?"

"I guess," I replied.

"Good. I'll set up a meeting for the day after next, how's that?" she asked.

"Fine, I guess," I said. I was very unsure of myself.

That night I couldn't sleep. I was torn between wanting a storybook family and not wanting to be disappointed. I already had parents and as far as I was concerned, I did just fine without any. At the same time, I wanted a mother for me, and a father for Chad. I could see myself going to the big shopping malls with a mom that lavished me with expensive gifts and a dad who would take Chad to little league games. I guess I owed it to him, to at least give it a shot.

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Anonymous said...

Good story unfolding, Janaya! Is this anyway autobiographical or pure fiction?


Janaya Black said...

It is pure fiction, that reads like a true story. Many of my readers get so involved in the story that they forget that it is not real.