Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot Ghetto Mess!

There was recently a video posted on YouTube where 6 women in Oakland, CA walked into a beauty salon and began to beat the brakes off of a woman who was servicing a client. Two of the six women mercilessly beat this woman while one woman video taped it and the other three stood and watched.

Video link:

Now, what would compel 6 grown women to gang up on one person in this manner? And to add insult to injury, this was a group of Black women. As if we don't already have enough negative stigma to deal with.

As I watched the video, I couldn't help be feel disgusted and embarrassed that whoever taped the assault thought it would be cool to post it online like a badge of honor. Grown-ups should be able to find more constructive ways of dealing with their problems than violence. The shear savagery in which this woman was beaten sent chills down my spine.

I mean, at one point one of the assailants grabbed the victim by the hair and began to kick her in the face. I don't know what the woman did to set the mob off, but I'm sure that whatever it was it could have been settled in a more civilized manner.

Seriously people, what is this world coming to? These women should be ashamed of themselves and they should definitely be punished for their actions because if you can take the time to video tape yourself committing a crime and then post it online, then obviously there is no remorse.

Much prayer is needed, folks. Just look around you. The world becomes more and more violent and desensitized everyday. Read Revelations and strive to understand it. There's a blessing in the pages.

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