Friday, February 26, 2010

Reverse Racism?

In Coca-Cola's recent 2010 Sprite Step-Off Challenge, the Zeta Tau Alpha Epsilon Chapter beat out six Black sororities in a stepping competition. And after receiving a lot of heat for their decision, Coca-Cola suddenly determined that there was a "scoring discrepancy" and declared the competition a tie forcing them to split the $100,000 award with the Alpha Kapa Alpha team.

I'm sorry, Coca-Cola, but that was just WEAK! After watching the video, I have to honestly say that those girls earned that prize.

To be fair, I went and found the AKA's performance and while they too did a great job, their performance lacked the originality and wow factor that the Zeta's performance had.

It's really sad that as much as Black people have had to fight to be given fair treatment and opportunity in all areas of life that we would stoop so low as to do it to someone else. If the Zeta's were good enough to get into the competition they should be given the same rights and privileges as everyone else. And for someone to play the race card in the face of defeat is beyond ridiculous.

Blacks have excelled in numerous White dominated arenas, and it had everything to do with us being talented and capable enough to do so. So how dare we look cross-eyed at someone else of another race for being talented enough to do the same.

People it is 2010...we have way more pressing issues to be worried about. Racism is not pretty on anyone; black or white. And shame on Coca-Cola for allowing selfish and small-mind people cloud their judgment.

To the Zeta Tau Alpha Epsilon Chapter, kudos on a job well done. Don't sweat the haters, just chalk this one up to being the learning experience of being given a moment to walk in a Black person's shoes.


Anonymous said...

Where was the racism in Coca Colas decision or in the competition? Please help us understand.

Janaya Black said...

Reverse racism in the way that the situation was handle with respect to people pressuring Coca-Cola to reverse their decision.