Monday, January 31, 2011

Putting Forth Your Best You

Have you ever wondered why you've been going on all these interviews but haven't been getting any call backs? 

You think back and try to remember if you said the wrong thing or maybe wore the wrong outfit.  Or maybe, you just didn't exude the confidence or enthusiasm that they were looking for.

Maybe you're right in your assumptions, and then again maybe you did everything right and as it turns out you just weren't the person they needed for that position, but in any case if you can become more confident in your interviewing skills then you can put yourself in a better position to alleviate more than half of your anxieties. 

Bad interviews happen to everyone, but they don't have to happen more than once. All it takes is a commitment from you to remember a few key things and you'll be well on your way to becoming more effective in your interviews.

Due to the fact that I have interviewed a lot of different people in various capacities, and I have also been interviewed for everything ranging from jobs to promotional opportunities for my various personal projects I have been afforded the opportunity to experience being on both sides of the fence. So it is with that experience in mind that I wanted to share a few jewels with the masses.

#1- Always be on time. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, worse than being late for an interview, whether it's for a job, your album, project, or whatever...don't be late. As an interviewer, nothing would put me in a worse mood than waiting for someone who wanted something from me, yet didn't respect my time enough to arrive when they said they would. You should get in the habit of arriving to your interviews 10-15 minutes earlier. Not only does it look good, but it shows that you're serious.

#2- Always be presentable. For a job interview "conservative" is the word of the day. For the guys, a suit (preferably black or dark blue; no pastels or florescent colors) and a tie is preferred but a nice dress shirt and tie with dress slacks will do as well. For the ladies, business pant suits, skirts (below the knee) and blouses, modest earring and a sensible pair of shoes.  Unless you are actually auditioning for a rap video, don't go to a job interview looking like you just came from one.

If you are an artist, do you but keep it classy. Guys: no one wants to see your behind, underwear, etc... Ladies: try to leave something to the imagination, the person you're talking to will need to concentrate. M'kay? Thanks.

#3- Never chew gum. The only thing worse than an interviewee being late is having someone smacking on gum while they are talking to you. Fresh breath is important, so if you need to chew a piece to freshen up remember to spit it out before you begin your interview.

#4- Know your product and speak enthusiastically about it.  You are your product. If you're going an interview it's because someone wants to get to know more about you or what you're. So when you start talking about the business of you, you should always know what you're talking about and be enthusiastic about it.

If you're interviewing for a job, know your strengths and use those as your selling points. Employers want to know that you are one for the job, and if you can sell yourself to them, then in their mind you can sell anything.

If you're interviewing to promote yourself as an artist, know who are as an artist and the specifics of what it is your supposed to be promoting and be excited about it. If you're not excited about what you're doing, why should anyone else be?

These are just a few tips to help you along the way on your next interview. If you would be interested in getting more in depth comprehensive media training, Black-Smith Enterprises offers one-on-one and group sessions. To schedule your session contact us at 734-634-3151.

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