Monday, January 17, 2011

How Do Men Really Think

This past weekend, I attended the Mocha Monologues male show, From the Inside Showing Out, that was produced by my literary sisters Adra Young and Tracie Christian, a.k.a The Live Ladies of Literature, and first I want to say that the show was absolutely amazing.

The production was the flip side of their original female monologue series From the Outside Looking In, and this time the fellas got a chance to speak about the way that way they view women and relationships.

There was the womanizer, the good guy gone bad, the successful-but-poorly-dressed-man who gets over looked by the gold digger, the thug and the man with too many kids; each one with an equally compelling story to tell. What really stood out about this show was the way that each of the five gentlemen presented very different, but very real, scenarios about how men are judged by women and treated as a result.

As I sat there listening to the various portrayals, I found myself wishing that there were more young women present in that audience to hear what these men had to say because they were dropping some serious knowledge. And the crazy thing is that the things they were saying weren't new revelations or rocket science, it's just that it seems to have a whole different ring to it when it's coming from male lips.

So now I'm going to summarize for those who missed it:

1. Men like to pursue their prey. Stop being so desperate, too accessible and make that man take the time to get to know you. Ladies, if it's too easy...they ain't gone want it. M'kay?

2. If you start out giving up the goodies for the Rally Burger, don't expect Filet Mignon later on in the relationship. If you get off to a bad start, you can't expect a strong finish. Ya dig?

3. Don't expect to find a dime piece when you're barely a nickle yourself. Before you stack up a bunch of unrealistic expectations for your potential mate, you need to assess what you yourself are bringing to the table.

4. Most men are not going to buy the cow that they're getting free milk from. With that being said, he's also probably not going to take said cow home to meet his mama. If he's been smashing for a while and you still haven't met his people, you may want to move on in your search for happiness.

5. Appreciate what you have. If you are blessed enough to have a man who gives all that you need and is good to you don't take him for granted. All too often women run over and take advantage of the "nice" guy and then turn right around and allow themselves to be heartbroken by the one that dogs them out. Then they want to complain that there are no good men out there.  

6. And last but not least...don't judge a book by it's cover. By assessing a man solely based on what he looks like, what he's wearing or what he's driving, you could very well be cheating yourself out of a blessing. Take time to get to know people, then you can really see what lies beneath the surface because that's what really counts.

And there you have it, straight to the point with no chaser.

Once again, great job to the Live Ladies and kudos to their handsome cast. If you missed it look for the video, it will be well worth the investment.

Until next time!

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Authoress Tracie E. Christian said...

Janaya!!!! Thanks soooo much Mama! I loved this! Coming from a talent such as yourself...I am ever humbled! Love Ya!

Janaya Black said...

Love ya right back! Meant every word. You ladies are amazing. Keep pushing.