Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Real Tank

After a long hiatus, sexy R&B crooner Tank is back to making sex music.

Known and loved for his velvety voice and suave lyrical word play, "Mr. Please Don't Go" is back with a new single and a new vibe.

The latest release, Sex Music, from his upcoming album Now or Never, is a more up tempo vibe than what we're used to from Tank, but from the looks of things, it seems to be working out pretty well for him.

Fresh on the heels of a successful movie debut, Tank is now focused on doing what he does best: making bedroom bangers.

I got a chance to sit down with him to find out what he's been up to, what it's like playing the villain, what he likes in a lady and what we can expect from his latest project.

JB: What do you have going on right now?

Tank: I have a new single out right now called Sex Music and it's taking off. It's taking sexy and throwing a little bit of groove on it and making your bedroom move a little bit. You know what I mean? Like, just kind of shaking up the atmosphere a little bit. Not just the slow [jam], which everybody kind of expects from me, but we put some tempo on it and it's working pretty good for us.

JB: When can we expect the album to come out?

Tank: For the album, we're looking at around September, maybe a little later. We want to set it up and make sure we come out and that our first week is good and let everybody know that Tank is really back with new energy and everything.

JB: How much control did you have over this project?

Tank: Me and my company, we made the whole album the way we wanted to make it. We did pretty much most of it, but we went to some good friends of ours; Jim Jones, Rico Love, Danja, Stereo Types, Harvey Nixon, Jr. and we collaborated and got some good material from them. So, it wasn't like it was a selfish project, but it was just a project that we wanted to make and we used it and we put all the pieces together to make it work.

JB: How do you feel about it? What's the excitement level and what should fans expect?

Tank: Well, it's progress from my last album Sex, Love and Pain, which was nominated for two Grammys. And then being nominated with Pleasure P, Keri and Jamie and winning one with Jennifer Hudson, I've learned a lot over those years of producing and writing and in the things that I do for myself and the things I do for other people. Now I kind of get it. I kind of see the magic that works for me and the way that I can progress into a more powerful artist, a more powerful singer/songwriter, producer...the whole nine yards. So, I'm super excited about it because I feel like everything has met together at this point in time for a reason and that's why I titled the album Now or Never, because it's the pressure I put on myself. Number one, based on what we've been able to accomplish and where I feel like we are right now and based on what R&B is. And I feel like I'll join the war in taking a stance to make sure that R&B has a platform and not just place in somebody's small club, but in somebody's arena. That's what R&B deserves; that's where it was and that's where it should always be. So that's the fight. That's the gear I'm taking; now or never.

JB: So you don't feel pressure to keep up with the "Joneses"? You still feel like you're able to do what you do and stay true to yourself?

Tank: There's no pressure for me because the great part about what I do is that I help the Joneses keep up with the Joneses. I do the writing and producing for your Chris Brown's and for all these other people who are still very relevant, so it keeps me relevant and it keeps me current to do my own project. It just falls in line.

JB: You mentioned Chris Brown, how do you feel about the rap he's getting with not being able to get his just due as being an artist because of the past stuff that he's been through?

Tank: Well, you know it's some of everything, especially the things that end up being great. I think that he's just going through some things as a result of some things that he's been through and time heals all wounds. So in time he'll serve his debt to society and prayerfully the people will feel served and they'll get back to seeing him for what he is: a very talented young man and just appreciating him in that light.

JB: Ok, so let's talk about your acting career. You were recently in a movie, what was that like for you?

Tank: Yeah, I had the movie The Preacher's Kid with me and LeToya Luckett and a host of others, which was very awesome for me. We were like the only artists on set as far as singers and we were the lead so it was tough for me.

JB: You were playing a bad guy, right?

Tank: Yeah! We were around all of these good actors so we had to pull it together. So we had some great help on set to help us do all of that and it was a stretch for me because I'm like the villain. I'm used to being the guy that's consoling the ladies and helping them through everything, and now I'm actually putting them through it. So, it was neat because I never really et to express those feeling so that gave me a chance to say things I wouldn't normally say and probably thinking. Like stuff I'd mumble under my breath, I actually got to say out loud and it was real fun doing that.

JB: What was it like watching yourself play a role like that?

Tank: It was weird. It was just weird watching myself on film period because I'm my worst critic. So everything I'm watching like, "I could have did this. Oh, I wish I would have did that." So it was tough, but I think for the time I did everything I could to prayerfully be great in that movie. So hopefully everybody will check it out and like it.

JB: What's going on with the movie now?

Tank: It's on DVD. You can get it on iTunes, Blockbuster and all that stuff. Go check it out, it's a really good movie, really good message, the whole nine, so people should go check that out.

JB: Do you plan to do more movies?

Tank: Yeah, I'm doing more movies. I want to do some action movies and stuff like that, so we're working on all of that. My management team is helping me progress in that area to make sure that when we pop there, I want to be the best in that too. So, I've got a lot of work to do; there're a lot of people ahead of me in that game.

JB: What is the craziest thing that's ever happened to you on tour?

Tank: (laughing) I can' t say the craziest thing, but I've had fans almost tip over a limo.

JB: Wow.

Tank: I mean like literally rocking it to a point where it's off the ground. At first it's funny because you're like, "My fans love me!" Then it goes to, "Ahhh, we're gonna die!" (laughing) That was my craziest thing.

JB: For the ladies, what does Tank look for in a lady and are you single, looking or what?

Tank: I'm single. I don't know if time allows me to look, but what I do like in a woman...I guess the first thing is physical attraction; for me anyway. And I like a smile. I like a woman that takes care of herself, and you can tell that when you look at a woman from her hair to her fingernails, to her feet. You know, you can tell a lot from those things.

And then in getting to know a person, of course spirituality, a sense of God being present somewhere in her life, and a sense of humor. I like to laugh and have fun. I'm a big kid. So...yeah. An you can cook a little bit at least! Some bacon and eggs or something! (laughing) Get the stomach together!

JB: For all the women who think they know you based on what they see of you on TV, what is the biggest no-no for you?

Tank: I can't say that they would get this from me from watching me, but I guess the biggest no-no just to answer the question is: I don't like easy. I've always been attracted to the woman that really isn't rushing to get into VIP. Then it's like who is that? She's secure in her own things. You know what I mean? And she doesn't need me to validate that and that's the thing that's attractive to me.

JB: Wasn't there a point where you were doing a collabo with Tyrese and Ginuwine?

Tank: Yes.

JB: What happened with that?

Tank: We tried it and we had a little bit of success with it and at the end of the day when it came to actual business time it just didn't work out.

JB: Any collabos on the album you want to mention?

Tank: We're still keeping it a secret because we're still putting the finishing touches on the album. We've got some people that are coming to the table, thank God, and they are making this project colossal. I'm going to keep a lid on that for now. Nothing's ever done until it's until it's mixed I'm not saying anything.

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Don said...

Good interview.

One Man is the bomb song.

I had actually felt that Chris Brown has overcome his "debt to society."

Also, I followed you on Twitter @minusthebars

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Thank you!