Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chris Brown's closure

Chris Brown recently did a very personal interview with Angie Martinez on New York's Hot 97 station that I found to be very tasteful and honest.

In the interview the singer spoke very candidly about his remorse with respect to the domestic violence incident with Rhianna and about how he still has very strong feelings for her. He also went on to say that while he doesn't expect the world to forgive him, he is working on growing and trying to be a better person.

Video Link-

While I don't support domestic violence in any shape, form or fashion I have to honestly say that I believe that Chris Brown has been tried enough in the public eye. He and Rhianna have resolved their situation and really that's all that really matters. What happened was between them and, as a woman, I applaud her for ending the relationship because usually violent relationships don't just magically turn healthy.

But now after months of speculation and talking about it, I agree with Chris that it is time to let him move on with his life. If you choose to like him or support his career based on his actions it is totally a personal choice, because at the end of the day the only person he needs to answer to for his deed is God.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Kanye WTH (What the Heck) News

Ok, it's no secret that I am not a big Kanye West fan. Not that I know him personally or anything, but I'm basing that opinion solely on the things that I have witnessed him say and do on various occasions. (Namely most of the award shows he's attending over the past few years)

Now, with that said, I think that it would be safe to say that Kanye is definitely in need of prayer, comfort and counseling from his friends and family because the man seems to be on the brink of a serious melt down.

I just recently watched a short film that he did on and while I still don't understand what the hell this film was supposed to be about, I found it to be a very compelling look into what this man is experiencing at this point in his life.

Here is the video:

We Were Once A Fairytale from M. Fantu on Vimeo.

You know the saying that life imitates art? Well, this is a very scary parallel. So here's my take on the video:

Obviously the club scene is showing the perceived image that he has of himself as a star and how he feels that other people do and should perceive him. The blurry focus is symbolic of his distorted view of the world and how it sees him. The fact that his music is playing in the background is to further show that he is a star and should be acknowledged as such, but his reaction to his song being playing shows that he still can't believe that he has achieved the amount of success that he has.

The scene where the woman walks in and seduces him is to show how the industry seduces you with sex and beauty only to leave you drained and alone.

Then he stumbles into the bathroom and throws up: I guess that means he's sick of it. Then he goes on to cut himself open to pull out a critter (for lack of a better word) which symbolizes the fairytale perception of the industry, which dies when he signals the critter to kill itself. (thanks Deanna!)

Wow! All that to say what? Is this a cry for help? I think so.

Pray for Kanye yall.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life's Lessons

I remember when I was younger and Mike Tyson first hit the scene as a boxing phenom, I used to think that he was indestructible. Although I didn't know much about boxing at the time, I knew that he had a reputation for knocking people out in very short periods of time. So to me that made him cool.

Then rumors surfaced about him abusing his then wife, Robin Givens, who I also liked from her role on "Head of the Class", and from that point on his popularity with me began to rapidly decline.

Then from there it seemed like Mike Tyson was always in the news for doing one crazy thing or another, and then he became the bulky, dim-witted boxer, who had a comical lisp that was fun to laugh at when comedians made fun of him on SNL and other late night talk shows and comedy skits.

And then came the biting incident and then the rape that landed him in prison for 3 years and so on and so forth...

I say all that to say this...yesterday I watched Oprah's interview with Mike Tyson and as I watched the man that I used to laugh at and judge sit on Oprah's couch in front of millions and bear his heart and soul, I felt deeply ashamed of myself. I felt ashamed because I laughed and judged him without knowing anything about him or what he had been through in his life to cause him to be like he was.

All too many times we formulate opinions about people we have never met based on what we see and hear in media, but what we have to stop and realize is that the media is a big machine that thrives on drama and propaganda. Some of which is true, a lot of which is fabricated, and the rest of it may just be surface information. Since it is not always possible to tell which is which we need to learn not to buy in to every thing we see and hear, learn to be discerning and do your own due diligence with respect to matters that are important to you.

Oprah's interview with Mike Tyson reminded me of one very important thing: we are all human. People in the public eye have problems just like everyone else and they need compassion, help and understanding just like everyone else.

And to Mike Tyson, I thank you for sharing your testimony with the world and forcing us to take a close look at ourselves.

Link to watch Oprah's interview with Mike Tyson:

Friday, October 9, 2009

According to some YouTube blogs, the government is setting up to have roadblocks, quarantines and other methods to force people to take the swine flu vaccine or they will be sent to concentration camps.

Now the question is: If this vaccine is SUPPOSED to be good for us, why are they forcing us to take it? Why isn't it optional like every other flu vaccination?

The answer is that the swine flu is a big fat conspiracy to fool people in to voluntarily submitting to population control and moving us toward the one world government that is prophesied in Revelations.

Prior to writing this post, I had been hearing rumors about this and then a friend of mine sent me this video and after watching it my heart was convinced that this woman was being truthful.

Then after watching this video: I went even further to watch a expose done by 60 Minutes in 1976 that explored the propaganda behind the Swine Flu epidemic during that year and the government issued mass vaccinations. Although at that time the vaccination was not required, with the extensive marketing tactics that were used many people voluntarily took the shot.

As a direct result of the vaccination shot more than 4000 people suffered neurological damage that caused paralysis in some and death in others. Now right here in 2009, history is threatening to repeat itself but at a much great expense.

Many people take these things lightly and attribute the messengers as being radical or heretics, but the fact of the matter is that if you call yourself a Christian and you recognize the Bible to be the true Word of God then you must take what it says at face value.

After you watch these videos, read the book of Revelations and hold what you see and hear up to God's Word to see if it holds true. Test it for yourself and then make your decision and do with the information what you will.

Rev 1:3 states: Blessed [is] he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time [is] at hand.