Monday, January 25, 2010

Your Dilema, God's Answer

Yesterday my pastor told this story in church:

Two men were walking in the forest and they had been walking for sometime, and due to the harsh weather one of the men's lips became chapped. Since he had no chap stick he continued to lick his lips in effort to give himself some relief, but as a result of the constant licking his lips got drier and drier.

So after going back and forth with this problem until it became unbearable, he finally asked his partner, who happened to be a master woodsman, if he had any advice for him to alleviate his problem. And being the master woodsman that he was his friend assured him that he did indeed have the answer to his problem.

"Tell me!" said the man with the dry cracked lips, "I'll do anything!"

The other man looked at him earnestly and said, "Go and find some horse manure and wipe it on your lips."

"How will that help?" the chapped man asked angrily.

"Simple," the master woodsman said seriously. "One, the manure will sooth your cracked lips and two, it will also keep you from licking them."

This story while comical, struck a chord because the point that the pastor made was that sometimes when we ask God for a solution to our problems he doesn't always give us the answer that we were expecting. Sometimes instead of taking us the most direct and obvious route, He will take us over the river and through the woods to show us that even though it may not make sense to us at that point, in the end we will see that through it all God is God and for Him all things are possible. 

And then sometimes He will do it just because we tend to forget that God is in charge. We tend to want to tell him how we "think" it should be done, or how we would have done it, and he doesn't need our input. Sometimes his method is to humble us and teach him to trust Him and His wisdom and plan for our lives.

So when you go to God in search of an answer to your problem, be prepared to accept His answer. It may not be the one your were expecting, or the one that you wanted, but trust that whatever He says is what's best for you in the end.

His ways are not always for us to understand but they always work out for the good. Even if it means a little manure on your lips!

Be blessed!