Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do You Believe in God?

For centuries many people have gone through life asking themselves one pivotal question: Does God really exist? Whether this question stems from a matter of a personal life experience that caused a loss of faith or from a cynical sense of reasoning that will not allow someone’s mind to grasp the idea of one supreme being pulling all the preverbal strings that control the universe, the question of God has presented itself in more ways than any one person could count.

But when you look at the world around you, how can one not see the finger of God in all the natural beauty that surrounds us? For instance, look at all of the flowers and the way the way that each one has delicate petals infused with its very own thumbprint of vibrant colors and is enamored with its own tantalizing scent.

Consider the massive snow capped mountain tops that sit majestically beneath sky, or the beauty of life itself and the way that each human being is miraculously formed cell by cell within the womb. Can a logical human being honestly reason that these things just came about by happenstance?

But rather than attempt to go into a long drawn out opinionated piece as to why everyone should believe in God, it is preferable to simply play upon logic.

It would be most prudent to first examine the primary concrete reasons that point to the fact that God really does exist.

First, scientific fact through the first Law of Thermodynamics proves that something cannot be formed from nothing. If there is no God, then how would one explain the human existence or the existence of any type of matter? Sure, the Big Bang and evolution theories present compelling evidence, but none of them can explain where the first particles or matter came from. And since man’s own scientific facts state that you can’t get something from nothing, that notion quickly becomes invalid.

Second, history validates the existence of God. Throughout history, God’s Word as spoken through the Bible has yet to be disproven. It has been systematically validated by historical facts and records, and many of the prophecies from the Old Testament have been fulfilled precisely as foretold by God through his prophets to the letter.

Aside from the cerebral explanations that surround this debate, the best answers are of a more personal nature. When you think of a cool breeze on a hot summer day where does that come from? Even though you can’t see it you can feel it so you know it’s there. It’s the same thing with gravity; the force of gravity can’t be seen but its effects can be seen and felt despite the fact.

Many people choose to deny the existence of God because of all the bad things that happen in the world that they feel that no loving God would willingly look upon or allow to take place, but what they fail to realize is that man was given the gift of free will. And with free will comes the ability to choose between right and wrong.

God does not want us to serve Him out of obligation; rather He wants us to serve Him out of love. And to deny His existence because of decisions that other free-thinking individuals make is like blaming the firefighter for the fire. Just because the fireman knows how to prevent or put the fire out doesn’t make him responsible for the blaze, nor does it make the firefighter any less real. So it is the same with God.
As God’s creations, we are all born with a sense of a higher power but the knowledge and wisdom of understanding comes in learning the true nature of the One that holds that power and what a relationship with Him means for your life. And that can only be ascertained by studying what He tells us about himself in His Word.

One of the best movie lines ever quoted was from The Preacher’s Wife when the little boy says, “Just because you can't see the air doesn't keep you from breathing, and just because you can't see God doesn't keep you from believing.”
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