Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV VMAs- A Night to Remember

Its official, Kanye West should have his celebrity pass revoked until he learns how to act in public. His blatant display of ignorance on the MTV Video Music Awards was just another nail in the coffin of what is turning out to be a disaster of a career.

I don’t know if his rantings and temper tantrums are a desperate cry for help, but what he did to Taylor Swift was deplorable and should not go unpunished. He should be banned from all future award shows and he should issue a public apology for his actions.

Had this situation been reversed and a white person had jumped on stage going on about how Taylor Swift should have won while Beyonce was standing there clutching her trophy in bewilderment, we all know that all hell would have broke loose. So yes, Kanye should be held accountable in some shape, form or fashion because his arrogance has gotten way out of line and he is in desperate need of a reality check.

Moving on…

Lady GaGa’s performance started out as extremely entertaining but ended up being macabre, to say the least. The blood, gore and spread eagle piano solo could have been done without. Pink did a great job with the flying trapeze act; she gets major kudos for originality on that one. And Jay-Z and Alicia Keys closed the show out in style.

I would be remiss not to recognize the Michael Jackson tribute as being A-1, as Madonna’s speech was very touching and Janet’s dance tribute was right on the money. Other than that, I have to say that Ms. B earned herself another notch in the class department for her selfless act of kindness in allowing Taylor Swift to reclaim her moment during her own acceptance speech for Best Video of the Year.

Overall the award show was attention grabbing, to say the least. With mock prayers to Satan, Lil Mama bum rushing the stage during Jay-Z’s performance and a host who should have been replaced two years ago, despite some of the sincerely great moments, the show was almost like watching a train wreck that you desperately try but just can’t seem to turn away from.

These award shows have gone from being events meant to honor the hard working people in the entertainment industry to being publicity gimmicks to see who can generate the most dialogue on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, someone will gather the courage to find more tasteful ways to engage the masses in what used to be good quality programming.

Nice try MTV, but better luck next year. On a good note; you guys still came out looking better than the BET Awards.


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Anonymous said...

ROTFL!!!!! Great jab @ BET! And you knew their tribute to Michael Jackson was going to be disastrous anyways! BET and MTV are both owned by Viacom, but whose tribute do you think was going to be better? Hmmm...

Sylvia Hubbard said...

It was definitely not a night to remember.

It was a night to be ashamed of and I'm disappointed that more and more shows like this are dragging all award show quality down.